Emergency Dentist
Some dental concerns require immediate attention, such as chipped or broken teeth, teeth being knocked out, or any injury to the mouth. If you or your family require emergency dental care, contact Fabulous Smiles Dental Care and book an emergency appointment now.
Emergency Dentist in Carson and Torrance, CA
Emergency Dentist FAQ

What is an emergency dentist?

Any dentist can be an emergency dentist if they make it their job to provide treatment to urgent dental problems. This typically means being available after-hours or at short notice to treat common emergencies such as broken or missing teeth. The Torrorance dental emergency team at Fabulous Smiles Dental Care can often replace a missing tooth if you’re able to get to them within 30 minutes or less.

What counts as a dental emergency?

As stated above, broken and missing teeth are the most common dental emergencies. What people don’t realise is that there are actually many situations which are classified as dental emergencies, and warrant an urgent trip to the dentist:

• Severe toothache

• Bleeding from the gums, cheeks, tongue

• Trauma to the mouth

• Sudden swelling in the soft tissues of the mouth such as tongue, gums or cheek

• Deep cuts or tears in your lips or inside of your cheek

Lesser damage to a tooth such as a chip may not be considered an emergency, but should still be seen promptly. We offer children’s dental in Carson at Fabulous Smiles Dental Care, so we can also help to treat children who suffer dental emergencies at school or home.

How do I save a tooth that got knocked out?

• Pick up the tooth by the crown, never by the root.

• Rinse it off as best you can.

Either, put the tooth in the mouth on the way to the dentist. You can try to put it back int the socket, place some gauze on it, and bite down gently to keep it in place. Or you can just place it between the gum and cheek.

Or, store the tooth in milk. Milk will keep the tooth hydrated and free of bacteria.

• Call the dentist, or get someone else to call for you.

• Try to get to your Torrance emergency dentist at Fabulous Smile Dental Care within half an hour for best results.

If you follow these steps and work quickly, you have a good chance of saving the tooth and getting it re-implanted into the jaw successfully.

Suffering a dental emergency? Don’t hesitate and contact us at Fabulous Smile Dental Care today.

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