Having a tooth extracted can be necessary to preserve the health of your mouth, or prepare your mouth for a new restoration. The team at Fabulous Smiles Dental Care take great pride in providing stress-free, comfortable extractions with minimal down-time. Our Carson dental team can even help you out in an emergency. Book an appointment online, or call now.
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Extractions FAQ

When do you need a tooth extraction?

There are a few common reasons why your teeth may need to be extracted.

• The tooth has been damaged by trauma, such as in an accident or playing sport. If the damage is too great to repair, it can be necessary to remove the tooth completely.

• If the tooth is severely decayed or infected. While root canals are usually used as a last line of defence against extraction, sometimes the tooth is simply too far gone to save.

• Advanced periodontitis. This is when an infection has started to decay bone around a tooth, making it loose and susceptible to falling out.

• To make space in the jaw when teeth are crowded. Removing one or two teeth allows our orthodontist in Carson to fix crowding and provide ample space for all the teeth to sit.

• Preparation for a dental implant.

• Impacted or poorly erupted wisdom tooth that needs extraction.

Are tooth extractions painful?

Tooth extractions have a reputation as painful or unpleasant processes, but this is far from reality. Modern tooth extractions are performed under local anesthetic, require little downtime, and aren’t painful. There will be some swelling and discomfort after the extraction, but this is easily managed and resolves itself quickly.

At Fabulous Smiles Dental Care, we make it our mission to provide comfortable extractions handled with care and expertise.

How Are Teeth Extracted?

There are essentially two types of extraction, simple and complex.

A simple extraction is very straightforward. Your dentist administers local anesthesia before gently dislodging the tooth. The tooth can then be easily extracted from the jaw, and the site cleaned up. It’s a short, simple process that can be done in the dental chair.

Complex extractions are usually when the tooth (often a wisdom tooth) is only partially above the gum line, or wholly underneath it. In these cases, your Carson family dentistry team will need to open the gum, remove a small bit of jaw, and extract the tooth that way. It can take a bit longer, require a little more recovery time, and can sometimes require general anesthetic.

What to do after getting a tooth extracted?

After a tooth extraction, you’ll be given instructions by your dentist for best after-care practice. You’ll be able to return to work almost immediately, although it can be longer for complex extractions.

Taking care of the tooth socket is the most important part of after-care. You may need to take a saltwater rinse to aid in cleaning and healing, and you may need to eat soft foods for several days.

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