Veneers are a fast, affordable way dentists can address a wide range of cosmetic and restorative concerns patients may have. From stained teeth that just won’t whiten, to fixing chipped front teeth, your dentist in Lomita at Fabulous Smiles Dental Care can restore your mouth quickly and effectively. For porcelain veneers that make you look and feel your best, contact our Carson dental team today.
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Veneers FAQ

What are veneers used for?

Veneers can be thought of as fake nails for your teeth. They’re thin layers of porcelain which can be used for many concerns.

• Teeth whitening. Sometimes teeth don’t respond to traditional teeth whitening, and veneers are the last best bet at achieving that pearly white smile.

• Gaps between teeth. Veneers can be used to help close gaps between teeth by reshaping how teeth look.

• Misshapen teeth. Pointed, rounded, or “tombstone” teeth can be cosmetically adjusted using veneers.

• Chipped teeth. A chipped front tooth is the perfect candidate for veneers.

The experienced dental team at Fabulous Smiles Dental Care will provide you with esthetically pleasing, long-lasting, durable veneers that last for years to come.

What are veneers made out of?

At Fabulous Smiles Dental Care, we use porcelain to make our veneers. Porcelain is stain and chip resistant, long-lasting, and looks remarkably close to natural tooth enamel.

How does getting dental veneers work?

It takes two trips to Fabulous Smiles Dental Care to get your veneers. First you’ll need to have your teeth prepared. To do this, a fine layer of tooth enamel is shaved down. This allows room for the veneer to be placed without interfering with other teeth. Once all teeth are prepared, impressions are made and sent to the lab.

Your custom-made veneers will be designed to fit snugly over your teeth and look right at home. Once these are completed, you’ll return to your dentist in Torrance for the veneers to be set in place with dental cement.

What are the benefits of dental veneers?

Veneers provide excellent benefits to patients.

• Porcelain is stain resistant. If you whiten your teeth before getting veneers, you’ll maintain that whiter smile for longer

• Low impact on healthy tooth tissue

• Reinforce weak or damaged teeth

Interested in veneers? Contact the Carson family dentistry team at Fabulous Smmiles Dental Care over the phone or online to book an appointment. You can even get an emergency appointment to restore a chipped tooth ASAP.

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