Cavities are holes that develop in the enamel of teeth due to tooth decay. The best way to fix them is using dental fillings, which both prevent further decay and restore the look of your teeth. From young to old, the Carson family dentistry on offer at Fabulous Smiles Dental Care can look after the teeth of everyone in the family. Call us today or use the online scheduling tool to book an appointment.
Fillings in Carson and Torrance, CA
Fillings FAQ

Why do people need fillings?

Tooth decay is one of the most common medical conditions in the world. It’s caused by acid-producing bacteria that live in the mouth. As they produce acid, it can wear down the enamel, decaying it. Eventually this will form cavities in the teeth. These cavities can grow until the whole tooth is compromised or infected unless they’re treated.

What are fillings made out of?

Fillings are usually made out of one of two materials: metal amalgam, or composite resin.

Dental amalgam is made out of a metal alloy that includes mercury. These fillings are dark metal in color and produce a noticeable, dark result.

Dental composite, or composite resin, is a resin made of ground glass and special plastics. It can be applied as a paste to the tooth and hardened in minutes with a curing light. The composite can also be colored to precisely match the surrounding tooth, making it very discrete.

The dental team at Fabulous Smiles Dental Care offer dental composite resin fillings for effective, fast, esthetically pleasing results.

Should I replace my amalgam fillings?

There is a common concern about the heavy metals present in amalgam fillings, and whether they can enter the bloodstream. Fortunately the evidence is inconclusive, and it does not look like it’s possible to get poisoning from amalgam fillings. That said, there are many reasons you might still consider replacing them:

• They’ve become loose over time

• They’ve cracked the surrounding tooth

• They cause pain when you bite

If you think your teeth might need a checkup, contact the team at Fabulous Smile Dental Care to get your cavities filled and your smile revitalized.

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