Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening offers you a quick and easy way to revitalize your smile and boost your confidence. With Zoom® Teeth Whitening, the team at Fabulous Smiles Dental Care can provide dramatic results in just 30-45 minutes. Contact the best dentist in Torrance to brighten your smile today, only at Fabulous Smiles Dentenal Care.
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Teeth Whitening FAQ

Why do teeth change color?

The color of our teeth can be affected by many things, from the natural course of ageing to behavioral decisions we make. Common causes for teeth to yellow or stain over time include:

• Smoking

• Drinks such tea, coffee, and red wine

• A result of using certain medications such as tetracycline

• Excess fluoride in early childhood, leading to stark white spots on teeth

• Infection and decay of a tooth, particularly in the case of an inner-tooth infection

• A natural result of ageing. Tooth enamel becomes thinner as we age. This exposes the off-white material beneath, known as dentin, as well as making the teeth more susceptible to staining

Why should I go to a dentist to get teeth whitening?

There is a big difference between the whitening you can get at a dental clinic and the whitening you can achieve with over-the-counter whitening kits. Professional whitening products can only be used by a dentist, and allow your Harbor city dental team to whiten your teeth 4-8 shades in just 30-45 minutes. To achieve the same results at home, you’d need to use a whitening kit for several weeks.

There are many whitening processes, but they all follow the same formula. A whitening agent is applied to teeth and allowed to work. Some popular systems such as Zoom! will “activate” the a the agent using special lights or even lasers. This allows for a lower concentration of bleach, while still achieving results — excellent for those with sensitive teeth.

How does at-home whitening work?

At-home teeth whitening kits work similarly, but with much lower concentrations of the active agent. Bleaching agent is applied to trays that you bite down into. You keep the tray in your mouth for 30 minutes to an hour, allowing the bleach to work. Doing this daily, you’ll be able to whiten your teeth by 4-7 shades over the course of several weeks.

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